Guide to Taking the Metro / Subway / Mrt Singapore

Taking the Mrt Subway Metro in Singapore

Subway, Metro? In Singapore, our subway / metro are called MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).

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Singapore has a total of 5 MRT lines:

  1. East-West line - Green Line
  2. North South Line - Red Line
  3. Northeast line - Purple line
  4. Circle Line - Orange
  5. Downtown Line - Blue Line

3 payment methods for taking the MRT. 

  • Standard Ticket (1 Trip)
    It can be purchased at the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at any MRT station and can be used six times within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Ezlink Card
    It works like the Oyster Card (UK) or the Octopus Card (Hong Kong). Best used if you are exploring Singapore more than 5 days. [More Info]
  • Singapore Tourist Pass.
    In order to facilitate the tourists, the Singapore Tourism Board officially launched the "Singapore tourists pass card". You can take unlimited transportation of MRT, LRT and bus. This price includes deposit of S $ 10 and is refundable only within 5 days. And is it worth to get?

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