How to save Money when visiting Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Universal Studio Singapore is a top destination for tourist as well as locals. If you plan ahead, this unforgettable experience will not burn a big hole in your pocket. And here are some tips for saving money. Scroll down and you will see how to save at least S$37 per person in Universal Studio Singapore.

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Eat Breakfast before you arrive

S$ 8 You saved at least

Located just opposite Vivo City, there is a Seah Im Food Centre that offers very affordable local food. For a plate of Char Kway Teow, it is as low as S$2.50 and a cup of Ice Sugar Cane Drink at S$1.50. Your meal would cost S$4.

Here's what to eat at Seah Im Food Centre.​

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Come Prepared

S$ 4 You saved at least

As Singapore is an all year hot weather country, you should be dress in comfortable jeans or shorts with T-Shirt. 

Of course, check the weather before you arrive so that you do not need to purchase an umbrella or poncho.

  • Cap, Sunblock, sunglasses for the sunny weather
  • A sweater if the night is cooler
  • If you plan to take water rides, or seat at the front row at the Live Show Water World, do purchase a poncho from Watsons at Vivo City. Definitely cheaper than buying in the Park. Cost S$1.95 for an adult Poncho.
  • Watson Vivocity - 1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-15/16/17 

Bring Your Own Food and Drinks

S$ 12 You saved at least

While USS policy says strictly no outside food and drinks. But you can pack some snacks or sandwiches in your bag and a small mineral bottle. Singapore Tap water is drinkable from the tap. They usually do not check your bags.

"If they do check your bag, means you sway lah. (Unlucky)​"

Of course they would not allow big water containers.

If you still have to eat in USS, the most valued menu at USS Singapore, is Mel's Drive in. A combo menu starts from S$12.

Getting the Annual Pass or Season Pass

S$ 50 You saved at least

If you are unable to complete all the USS rides in 1 day (usually impossible), and you really want to come again the next day. Get the annual pass or season pass (6 months).

For a top up of S$24, you can enjoy unlimited visits to the park for another 6 months. For the 2nd visit to USS, you have already save more than S$50! How cool is that?

Of course, a 1 year annual pass will cost more though. But if you visit USS 3 times in a year, you would have save a decent S$30 on the annual pass. Any more visits are consider free!

Save Parking Fees with the RWS Invite Card

S$ 18.50 You saved at least

An RWS invite card will cost S$8, and with this card your parking charges will be S$1.50 for any day. 

A full day's parking charges is S$28. So the savings is there with RWS invite card.

More info

Bring Your Own Stroller / Wheelchair

S$ 15 You saved at least

If you are planning on using a stroller or wheelchair, plan ahead.

You can rent a

  • Single stroller for S$15 / day
  • Double strollers for S$20 / day 
  • Electric Wheelchair for S$40 / Day

The rental booth is on the right side of the entrance. They will print your name on it so you can left it in front of each attraction.

Or you can also apply for the RWS invite card, and get S$5 off your stroller. Membership cost S$8 though.

Getting Tickets from Klook

S$ 15 You saved at least

If you just want the cheapest tickets, you can book here.

Because if you book your tickets from Klook, tickets are at least 20% off the usual ticket price from purchasing from RWS.

Click here to get discounts of S$15 off your normal tickets!

S$ 37 You saved at least

So, you would have saved at least S$37 per Person

  • Ate at Seah Im Hawker ( S$8 )
  • Brought your own lunch and snacks (S$ 12)
  • Purchase Poncho outside of USS (S$ 2)
  • Purchase Tickets from Klook (S$ 15)

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