Is it worth to get a Singapore Tourist Pass?

March 7, 2017

Often, a tourist pass is sold in a country, the next question is, is it worth it to get as a tourist? And that will boils down to your itinerary instead, whether it is worth to get the Singapore Tourist Pass?

Let's have a price comparison.

So worth it or not?

A single trip with up to 5 transfers (including 1 Train Ride) will cost you a maximum of S$2.02. In order to fully utilize the Singapore Tourist Pass, you need to be heading to at least 2 locations in a Day.

There is a $5 is non refundable for purchasing Ezlink card.

In this scenario,  2 Locations requires  3 Trips.‚Äč

  • Trip 1: Hotel to Location 1
  • Trip 2: Location 1 to Location 2
  • Trip 3: Location 2 Back to Hotel


Tourist Pass

Ezlink Card

Ezlink Card Per Day

1 Day


2 Locations ($2.02 x 3+ $5) = $11.06


2 Days

$16 /( $8 Per day)

2 Locations (3 x $2.02 x 2 Days + $5) = $17.12


3 Days

$20 / ($6.67 Per Day)

2 locations ($2.02 x 3 x 3 days + $5) = $23.18


Who should Buy the Singapore Tourist Pass?

In short, travellers should only buy the Singapore Tourist Pass if they are visiting 2 locations a day. However, a trip to the Zoo will take up 1 full day and trips to Sentosa may need at least 2 days. Sentosa Island 1 Day and Universal Studio 1 Day)

Should I  Buy the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus?

Unless you are very interested in trying out the Singapore Sling (You can get it free if you board the Singapore Airlines), and very interested in visiting the Chinatown Heritage.

If not, stick to the normal pass.

What if I am going to Sentosa for 2 days? Should I still buy?

For going to Sentosa, you need to purchase a $4 Sentosa Pass that covers the transportation on the island and the admission fee. This is not included in the Singapore Tourist Pass.

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Hello, I am Don. Currently based overseas. And when I am abroad, I am surprised to hear that a lot overseas friends say that Singapore is expensive. But actually, it is not that expensive. Just a little bit of research and planning, you can travel to Singapore at an affordable budget.